Certified Pre-Owned Checklist



ü Alternator

ü Starter

ü Battery

ü Cables


ü Master cylinder

ü Pads (over 50% remaining)

ü Linings (over 50% remaining)

ü Calipers

ü Wheel cylinders

ü Parking brake operation

ü Brake cables

ü Brake fluid level

ü Brake drums

ü Brake rotors

ü ABS system

Air Conditioning

ü Fully charged

ü Blower/speeds

ü Cooling efficiency

ü Controls

ü Vents


ü Tread depth

ü Air pressure

ü Balance

ü Alignment

ü Jack

ü Lug wrench

ü Lugs

ü Studs

Cooling System

ü Water pump

ü Radiator

ü Cooling fan

ü Pressure test

ü Coolant protection

ü Radiator hoses

ü Heater hoses

All of the following components and systems have been thoroughly inspected. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you can feel confident in knowing that you're the proud, new owner of a quality vehicle. 


ü Block

ü Cylinder head(s)

ü Intake manifolds

ü Exhaust manifolds

ü Oil and oil filter changed

ü Air filter

ü Fuel injectors

ü Serpentine belt

ü Drive belts

ü Coolant protection

ü Cooling system pressure test

ü Emission controls

ü Fuel lines

ü Fuel tank

ü External seals and gaskets

ü Linkage

ü Trouble code scan


ü Transmission case

ü Transfer case housing


ü Fluid level

ü External seats and gaskets

Suspension/Drive Axle

ü Shocks

ü Struts

ü Springs

ü Ball joints

ü Tie rods

ü C V joints

ü C V boots

ü U joints

ü Wheel bearings

ü Fluid level

ü External seats and gaskets


ü Rack and pinion

ü Power steering fluid

ü Power steering lines

ü Gear box

ü External seals and gaskets